I am passionate about maintaining Herndon's small town character while capitalizing on the opportunities here in the Dulles Corridor.  Our challenge lies in leveraging our rich heritage to influence the future. 

Herndon is uniquely positioned to have the best of both worlds.   We can have our small town downtown that we planned together, and enjoy the benefits of our future urban Metro station area - all within our 4.2 square miles!  We do not have to sacrifice one to have the other! 

Herndon has talked about downtown redevelopment for decades - and our work for the past 8 years is making it a reality.  We are under contract with Comstock Partners and will close the deal later this year.  Once we close, construction can begin!  Hoping to break ground by the end of 2018!


Herndon Station is currently under construction!  Rail was the centerpiece of Herndon's economy in the 1800s, and with metro's arrival we will come full circle as a rail town.  Metro will be the single most significant economic driver in the town's next century, and it is critical that embrace the opportunity.  

As your mayor, I'm committed to providing outstanding services and amenities, giving good value for your tax dollar, and being an approachable, effective leader.

Join me as we work together to create the town our children will inherit - a 21st century Herndon!