Dave and I fell in love with Herndon shortly after we married.  From the beginning we enjoyed life in the Town.  We knew there was no better place to start our family than in the heart of downtown Herndon.

Both of us were raised in close-knit families and in strong communities. Both of us wanted our children to experience the feeling of warmth and security that comes from knowing your neighbors. The sense of belonging that comes from living in a real community, a real place.

To our children, home is a place where a parade comes right down our street every fall, and where we can watch fireworks from our backyard every summer. Home is a walk into downtown for a visit to the library and a climb on the caboose.  Home is a blanket spread on the town green during Friday Night Live. And a place where they really know all the people whose names they see on campaign signs around town.

But most importantly, home is our neighbors – young and old – who have embraced our family and whose friendships mean so much to us.

Home....is Herndon.